Farnaz Baki


Born in 1973 Tehran-Iran, lives in London.
From an early age I have always had the inclination to paint, draw and create sculptures.
I had the opportunity in my life to be the student of Master Ali Ashraf Vali, who is one the greatest philosophers and well-known artists in Iran.
At his art institute where was a broad range of learning experiences that helped to develop my technical abilities, through sheer hard work and excellent tutoring I learned to improve my own personal style.
I have keenly continued my academic studies abroad and I found an opportunity to study in UAL that has led me to have the freedom for expressing my own ideas and explore my own inner artistic endeavours.
My main focus is challenging traditional society, religion, and politics through visual art. Art in my opinion can be a sharp tool to demonstrate the poorness or weakness of cultural matters, which I would like to make clear that by my art and I am pursuing a way to find a voice to shout my profound disagreement from my art as a tool.