Stephanie Mill

Stephanie Mill

As an artist I feel it’s important to continue to look upon the world with wonderment, curiosity and enthusiasm. I am passionate about life, about people and about nature… about internal and external worlds, connections, and how art unites these things.

I believe colour to have an incredible impact on our wellbeing, energetic and emotional states, which we can harness to elevate or relax ourselves. I love to photograph natural elements such as leafs and flowers close up and then digitally manipulate this source material, to create different feelings and effects using the patterns that arise out of the flow. 

My aim is to create artwork that makes you smile from the inside out. I hope that you find joy in these images as I do.

PS. Symmetry rocks my world - it just feels so balanced and great to look at. Oh, and triangles are actually my favourite shape.


"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul." 
Wassily Kandinsky instagram