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Junior Tomlin

Born in Paddington Junior Tomlin started his artistic career in the computer games packaging industry in the early eighties, were he produced a number of covers. For his initial pieces he used an airbrush, his style considered by many as being part Sci Fi, part fantasy. He found it a good pairing in this approach to things and the fact that he wanted to illustrate science fiction books covers. In the early nineties Junior was at his most prolific, producing some of the most original and iconic images of that decade, images that inspired a generation to create art. He has had many commissions, firstly he cut his teeth on record covers for leading dance labels, first of which being “Space Gladiator” for Renegade Soundwave, ZTT, Kickin’, Vinyl Solution, React and Fashion Records (specializing in reggae) compilation jungle albums Rumble in the Jungle Part 1 and 2. His style developed over the years and he moved into creating rave flyers. His airbrushing technique combined with his futuristic style of delivery earned him the name the Salvador Dali of Rave when the rave scene flourished in Britain. He amassed a cult following among the Rave community in London and also in Japan and Australia, where his early flyers are still in demand and considered as collectors items. Junior also became a founder member of The London Cartoon Workshop, which went on to develop the next wave of comic book artists. With the advancement of electronic graphic media and computer graphics, Junior quickly adapted his artistic abilities and moved into digital media where he worked for three years for a computer animation company AMG FX. His film credits include “Nightbreed”‚ the 1990 Clive Barker film and in 1998 “Lost in Space” and “The Fairy King of Ar” a children’s fantasy film in which Junior was In the Special Effects department texturing the main characters. Freelancing for many years Junior has worked for companies such as John Brown Jr. Publishing, Titan Publishing, and Marvel Comics. At Marvel, Junior worked as Digital Colorist with credits including Action Man, Transformers Armada, and a range of pocket books. Titan publishing he worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and at 2000AD judge Dredd and numerous collectors cards which he done for Wizards of the Coast. Junior also worked for Cartoon Network, Audio Rom, Saddlers Wells Theater, IBT, and many others. In the late nineties Tomlin developed a passion for teaching and sought his vocation at Kensington and Chelsea College where he taught Graphics and Computing; he later went on to teach at Westminster College. Junior’s passion in his spare time is djembe drumming, cinema and theatre.