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Cosmo Sarson

Cosmo studied fine art painting at The Byam Shaw School of Art, achieving early success as a student when his degree show was sponsored by Paul Smith. A recent project for the charity Age Concern was shown at the Saatchi Gallery and this summer has seen Cosmo commissioned by BT to customise a classic K2 phonebox. As part of an Olympic Games arts trail, Cosmo painted the worlds first augmented reality mural, an epic 30 meter long, interactive series of painted portraits that come to life and start speaking when viewed with a smart phone or tablet. Cosmo began to focus on images of police and rioters after the student riots last year, capturing the anarchy of the rioters and the desperation of the police using big splashes of colour of thick bold lines. His work has been published in the book Scrawl: Strange Graphics and Dirty Characters and his graffiti features in the films ‘Harry Brown’, ‘Children of Men’ and ‘’