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Bea  Gibson

Bea Gibson’s paintings explore the raw energy of live music - from the vulnerability of Lily Allen, to the blues rock of Alison Mosshart, Lady Gaga's energetic eccentricity, to Pete Doherty's broken poetry. Her work betrays her own love affair with the gig, of years being captivated by the surge of anticipation as the stage lights up and the singer appears. For Bea, gigs are the purest connection with the music she loves and her work reflects this. Bea’s artwork is inspired by the otherworldly light, unique set designs, and, crucially, the way each singer moves around the stage, engaging with the audience, channelling the crowd’s energy into their performance and drawing everyone in to their world. Live music creates an amazing sense of fleeting unity, a rare experience of letting go of your inhibitions in a crowd of strangers, collectively moving to the same beat. These brief, intense moments are caught on camera by Bea from the thick of the crowd then developed into paintings in her studio, with the musician’s albums providing the soundtrack to each portrait. Images and lyrics are overlaid, creating a narrative in several dimensions and encouraging the viewer to not only listen to a song but to engage with the lyrics. Bea also uses imagery or text to challenge the viewer’s knowledge of the subject, adding an extra element of intrigue to each unique piece of art.